Sparrow -Human Resource Management System

Sparrow HRMS is a comprehensive HR End to End solution which is capable to cater to large , Medium and Small companies. Our product covers HR operations starts from recruiting until termination / resignation and having modules like Recruitment, Employee Management and Portal, Leave Management, Appraisal Management, Payroll processing, Statutory requirements, Loan and Advances Management, Training Module and more...



Rich UI

Sparrow HRMS Built with crystal clarity UI framework, it enables interaction, conserves attention and ensures that the user is always in control. Limited to one primary action per screen, we provide a natural flow to the User's Experience.

Mobile Compatible

Sparrow HRMS is compatible with all devices like Mobile, Tabs & computers .Just as we got the interface done right, the User Experience is also taken well care of with perfect compatibility to cater to all the functions from a flick-n-click on your mobile. The Management Team can also access the reports on the go .

HR Domain Expert

Built from the inputs of domain experts with a collective experience of 10+ years in HR, rest ensured, anything and everything you might need to make your HR progress easier, is included in Sparrow HRMS

Cloud Based

This "On Cloud" application ensures that you can access all the features - anytime, anywhere, without having to worry about dropping down to office for each tit-bit.

Employee Self Service

Right from leave request submissions to travel claims to even viewing the request status and wage slips, the ESS Portal makes lives easier by bringing in all the necessary requirements under a common roof.

Security Administration

The Security Modules in Sparrow HRMS makes sure that only the right ones with authority are given permission to view the required documents and forms. You can create any user/role and determine that only assigned frameworks be made accessible


Sparrow HRMS lets you explore much more than just our own playground by making possible integrations with 3rd Party ERP Systems, Biometric Devices and Social Media platforms, to enable you to explore all possibilities available .

Core HR Modules

Staying true to what it has been built for, Sparrow HRMS encompasses all essential HR Modules including - feature to manage employee status, alerts & email, document management, leave & attendance management, payroll processing, asset management and much more .

Recruitment Module

The complete process of an employee joining your team - right from requisition to posting to tabulating scores at interview to short-listing and job offer - are all recorded in a neat manner, both to make the recruitment process smoother and for future reference

Reports Gallery

The reports created by our in-built system are real works of art for the data frenzy ones. Reports for all sorts of data with measurable X & Y Axis, the reports can be exported in either PDF or Excel (.xls) format.

Document Management & Expiry Alerts

Sparrow HRMS gives you to keep all your document in digital format under document management master .Without checking the expiry list you get notifications about expired documents.

Travel Management

The lives of your Marketing Head just got easier. Sparrow HRMS Travel Management Module provides facilities for the user to initiate travel requests, get approvals, state claims and apply for reimbursement, all in a few clicks, without having to go through the whole usual process of tedious paper works.


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